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Welcome to MAPET!

Our mission is to share information and resources about all things property and evidence related that are MINNESOTA-SPECIFIC and in accordance with our state statutes.  

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About Us

Our goal is to assist in UNIFORMITY of Property and Evidence Room operations across agencies throughout Minnesota.

We want to affect changes at the state level when it comes to standards and operating procedures.

Join us and become part of that change!

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Member Benefits

$35/year annual membership fee:

o   Invitation to trimester membership meetings, with live discussions, vendor/product demos, property room tours and guest speakers.

o   Access to members-only resources including sample packaging manuals, written policies and procedures, sample language for communicating with city or county attorneys, as well as reviews of different software and products by various agencies.

o   Direct and timely correspondence regarding legislative updates and other urgent issues.

o   Connection and networking with dozens of other evidence personnel for all of those “how do I do X?” or “has anyone ever dealt with Y situation before?” questions.

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MAPET was originally formed in 1997, but dissolved in 2001 due to changes in staff and retirements.

An ad hoc group of evidence technicians, property room officers, evidence custodians and others started meeting again in 2019 to share ideas, concerns, problems, discuss statutes, share policies and other information.

The Minnesota Association of Property and Evidence Technicians group has acted as a sounding board for one another in this most crucial aspect of law enforcement. We invite you to join us!

Managing and tracking property and evidence plays a pivotal role within Law Enforcement Agencies and Attorney Offices.

Evidence can be crucial to investigations and it doesn't just end with the collection and storage. The members of MAPET have been working with agencies across the state to find ways to efficiently manage Property and Evidence rooms intake, storage, and dispositions.

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online clothing store!

MAPET now has an online clothing store for all your MAPET clothing needs. The store link is nested under the member's only area link on our homepage.

The link will take you to an outside website that is hosted by NĒILL. NĒILL is a MN company that offers to give 10% of sales back to our organization. So it is a win-win situation.

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